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About Our Grass

Our is grass is a 90 percent Tall Fescue, 10 percent Bluegrass blend.
We sell it at $0.45 per square foot and $50.00 for local delivery.

Our delivery trucks have a forklift to unload and transport each pallet to near where it will be installed, saving a lot of extra work.

For pickup orders:
      A full size truck can haul 500-600 sq. ft.
      A full size truck and heavy duty trailer can haul about 1800 sq. ft.
      A small truck can haul 300 sq. ft.
      A mini-van or SUV can haul about 150 sq. ft.
      A small car trunk can haul about 80 to 100 sq. ft.

We don’t charge for pallets, but we do re-use them...
Please return empty pallets to the farm.


“Turners Turf Farm has always been great. They are always prompt and very friendly. If you need sod, you need to see them. Best service in town.”

-Rudd W.

"Great sod, Great customer service, Great price, I really have zero negatives about turner. He's a good guy to work with as well."

-Cash N.

Our Story

Rhaldo and Doris Turner started Turner Turf Farms with 10 acres in the late 1970’s. Since then it has grown to 90 acres and two farms, and is now owned and operated by two brothers, Gary and Rob Turner. We plant only the highest quality turf seeds and use the latest Read More...


1. Water running down the gutter is water you pay for that isn’t watering your lawn. A well designed and maintained sprinkler system will save water.
2. Once a week walk through your sprinkler system while its Read More...



Soil Preparation
1. Grade the soil so water will drain away from home, and fill in low lying areas so water will not puddle.
2. Install a permanent underground sprinkler system with uniform Read More...