Soil Preparation

1. Grade the soil so water will drain away from home, and fill in low lying areas so water will not puddle.

2. Install a permanent underground sprinkler system with uniform “head to head” water coverage (where one sprinkler head will spray onto the head of the nearest sprinklers).

3. Incorporate soil amendments (mulch, etc...) to improve soil and save water.

4. Apply a light coating of fertilizer at approximately ½ the recommended rate underneath the turf to help it root in quicker.

5. DO NOT USE a fertilizer mixed with a pre-emergent or a Weed And Feed fertilizer during the first year on newly installed turf.

Turf Installation

1. Turf is perishable, install as soon as possible after delivery Install turf across a slope in a brick pattern to prevent washouts. Green side up.

2. Water newly installed turf immediately. On large lawns sprinkle with a garden hose after each pallet is installed.

3. For the FIRST TWO WEEKS apply enough water to keep the turf and the soil beneath moist, but NOT SATURATED. During the hottest part of the summer, this may require watering several times a day.

4. Make sure every part of your lawn gets water. Corners and edges are normal problem areas. Apply a little extra water to these areas with a garden hose if needed.

5. Check dry spots with a screwdriver. If its harder to push a screwdriver into a dry spot than it is to push into nearby green turf, it isn’t getting enough water.

6. Check to make sure sprinkler system has uniform, head-to-head coverage. If a dry spot develops, place a straight sided can (an empty tuna or soup can) in the middle of the dry spot during a water cycle to ensure it is getting water.