About Our Grass

Our is grass is a 90 percent Tall Fescue, 10 percent Bluegrass blend.
We sell it at $0.35 per square foot and $45.00 for local delivery.

Our delivery trucks have a forklift to unload and transport each pallet to near where it will be installed, saving a lot of extra work.

For pickup orders:
      A full size truck can haul 500-600 sq. ft.
      A full size truck and heavy duty trailer can haul about 1800 sq. ft.
      A small truck can haul 300 sq. ft.
      A mini-van or SUV can haul about 150 sq. ft.
      A small car trunk can haul about 80 to 100 sq. ft.

We don’t charge for pallets, but we do re-use them...
Please return empty pallets to the farm.

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