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A well designed and maintained sprinkler system will save water.  Once a week walk through your sprinkler system while its watering to make sure its watering your lawn, and not your sidewalk or driveway.







2 lbs of nitrogen applied in early spring

2 lbs of nitrogen in late spring/early summer

2 lbs of nitrogen in early fall







7.5 lbs of Nitrogen (50 lbs x 15% = 7.5 lbs)

7.5 lbs of Phosphorous

7.5 lbs of Potassium

2.0 lbs of Iron





We recommend fertilizers that have numbers in the 10-20 range.  

Examples include 15-15-15, 16-16-8, 9-9-9, 16-20-0.

Water running down the gutter is water you pay for that isn’t watering your lawn.